Much publicity surrounds Cosmetic Dentistry and we are well aware of the resulting “Hollywood Smile” –  ear-to-ear sets of gleaming white, even teeth. There are many ways in which a smile can be enhanced or changed and these can greatly boost a person’s self-confidence.

iStock_000003342463SmallThere is also plenty of research about its effect on work status. Sometimes these changes can take a great deal of work and commitment by all of us concerned as well as cost to the patient.

That cost can be measured in both money and in long-term effects/damage of the underlying tooth and gums. Clive knows that this is a cautionary note, which is not often covered by the press, but he hopes that this will reassure you that he considers the long-term health of your mouth very carefully before such treatment is undertaken.

At other times dramatic improvements to the appearance of a smile can be produced by relatively simple changes to the existing dentition.

A good example of this is when two healthy front teeth have a visible gap between them.

One option, in line with Cosmetic Dentistry principles, would be to put crowns/veneers onto the two teeth, a process that would need two visits and laboratory costs. A simple sounding solution but this would cut away healthy parts of two teeth (the cautionary note from above).

Alternatively, each tooth having some tooth-coloured filling added to filling the space of the gap, thereby preserving the healthy teeth and achieving the complete result in one visit. This enhancement of what nature has provided is what is termed Aesthetic Dentistry.

Both are valid treatments so long as the patient is made aware of the alternatives.

It is important that before Clive undertakes any Cosmetic work for you that sufficient time is taken to provide you with a range of alternatives of treatment and costs (financial and long-term effects/damage).