The practice has its own payment plan for the basic Maintenance of the health of your mouth.

We can also provide care under Denplan or many of the schemes provided by employers.

We charge for Clive’s time, with any laboratory and material costs added onto that.  In this way you only pay for the actual service that you receive rather than for some general, fee-per-item scheme.

As part of the planning stage for any treatment you will be given an estimate of the costs. Any given costs will normally be inclusive any laboratory and material costs.

For the more complex cases, you will be presented with a written treatment plan.

We can accept a range of credit and debit cards but we are still happy to accept cheques and cash.

We have a variety of ways suitable for different people.  Many people choose to be reminded by txt message or e-mail.  Others prefer a postal reminder and we have a selection of suitable cards for that purpose.

To register as a new patient, just get in touch with us and we will send you a new patient pack containing packed full of information about our practice.

You may download our new patient questionnairewhich will provide us with all the information we need from you.

sl4Yes we do!

Getting your child accustomed to dental visits as early as possible is of great benefit to all concerned. Bringing them along with you, even as babes in arms, during you Re-Examination appointments introduces them to the sights, sounds and smells of dentistry in a non-threatening manner. They also pick up on their siblings/parents having “a ride in the special chair”. Pressing the buttons to make the chair move is always a fascination for little fingers, and this is encouraged under supervision.

After a few visits, your child will normally be happy to show us their teeth “to count how many there are”. By this method we are able to have a good look at them with your child’s cooperation.

sl7Yes we can!

We appreciate that  having your children in the same room as the one you are having treatment in can add more stress to the situation. There are various ways in which we can help to alleviate this.

The reception room contains an old-style school desk in which there are toys, drawing materials and children’s story books on dental subjects. The room has been designed so that this is in a safe area, under the direct visual supervision of the receptionist. They can happily have a glass of water/squash and have access to the toilet.

Both members of our reception staff have young grandchildren.

The realities of COVID-19 mean that changes will be developed to our advertised opening times.  Please call us about any appointment and bear with us while we develop the new normal.

Monday:  9am to 5.30 pm

Tuesday: 9am to 7pm

Wednesday:  9am to 5.30 pm

Thursday: 9am to 5.30 pm

Friday: 9am to 4pm

No – we are a fully private practice.

We hope that you are entirely satisfied with your dental care and treatment and would be happy to recommend our services to others. We listen hard for early warning signs of concerns in a disgruntled patient and then work hard to resolve those concerns before they turn into a complaint.

Our Full Complaints Procedure can be found here.


In hours

In-hours, just give us a ring and we will see you as soon as possible.



Out-of-hours, the practice answerphone gives a range of options.

  • If Clive is available, the first option will be to ring him at home (023-8055-8493). He will try and sort something out for you.
  • If Clive is away, we have local, trusted colleagues who cover for us – details will be provided in the answerphone message.

Our practice has undertaken an audit under the Disability Discrimination Act  (DDA). Due to the practice being on the first floor, in a listed building which cannot accommodate a stair lift, we are unable to see people in the practice who are unable to manage the stairs. Every step of our stairs has a contrast strip edging. These are particularly helpful for those of our patients who have poor eyesight.

However, Clive Marks is able to provide a limited range of services by calling at patient’s home. If this service may be of help to you, please do discuss it with either the reception staff or Clive Marks.