This beautiful building was built in about 1820, probably to a design by Samuel Toomer, who also designed many of the town houses in neighbouring Carlton Crescent. Mr. Toomer subsequently lived here until his death in 1842. For much of the 20th Century it was the home and piano workshop of the Klitz family. A patient of the practice used to come here in his youth and play with the Klitz children.

wiltonlodgeThe building also features in the “coffee table book”, “Southampton, portrait of a maritime city”, published by Halsgrove (ISBN 1 84114 077 S), where it is described as “one of the most interesting buildings in this area of the City”.

There has been a dental practice here since the 1970s and Clive Marks bought his part of the practice from John Annen in August 1989. John Annen was a wonderful gentleman, much adored by his patients, with a wicked sense of humour. On arriving in the practice, Clive Marks found that John Annen had put an “L” plate on the dental chair!

In October 1990, a new contract was imposed on NHS dentistry and Clive Marks realised that this would prevent him providing the quality of care he felt suitable for his patients. Despite still being in the process of building up his practice, he decided to “go private”. Since then the practice has expanded in size and service to the patients while maintaining the right quality of personal care. In January 2006, he bought out his former colleague enabling him to install a completely new dentist’s room. His old room is now used by his hygienist, Jo Austin.