Clive Marks BDS FICD
Dentist GDC no. 22563

Clive was fortunate to have some excellent mentors who instilled a sense of service to one’s patients, a philosophy which he continues to cherish.

Having graduated from Bristol Dental School in 1980 he undertook several house jobs before going into general practice. He bought this practice in August 1989. In October 1990, a new contract was imposed on NHS dentistry and Clive Marks realised that this would prevent him providing the quality of care he felt suitable for his patients. Despite still being in the process of building up his practice, he decided to “go private”. In January 2006, he bought out his former colleague enabling him to install a completely new dentist’s room.

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Chris Colmer

Chris joined the practice in 2000 after working in another well-established local dental practice for ten years. While there she dealt with much of the practice administration, a rôle she continues to fulfill with us.

She has also had experience of working with children’s groups, especially during her own children’s childhood when she worked with playgroups and undertook fund-raising, catering and other assorted contributions. Now that she has her own grandson, she is enjoying starting to repeat the fun. Both she and Christine are happy to look after your child while you are having dental treatment, especially if this is arranged on a day when they are both at the practice.

She can readily empathise with nervous patients as, despite having worked in a dental environment for 18 years, she still finds her own visits to be a trauma.


Christine Walton

Christine joined the team, as our receptionist, in 2006 having spent many years in the dental field.

She originally trained as a graphic designer, back home in Leeds, before bringing her young family to live in Romsey in 1985. Six years later she moved to Andover where she started her work in dental practices as a receptionist and dental nurse. Her partner is a dental technician who specialises in creating crowns and bridges and Christine would help him in his laboratory. She is therefore has wide knowledge and experience of the all-important “behind the scenes” work in dental practices.

Following some time living in Wimborne she settled in Southampton where she is nearer to her daughter and her first grandchild.