We are a private practice that is proud of the service we offer our patients.

We offer a full range of preventive and cosmetic dentistry treatments with each surgery being equipped with technology to help us diagnose when treatment is required and explain the treatment options to you.

clivephotoMeet Clive Marks, our dentist

Clive was fortunate to have some excellent mentors who instilled a sense of service to one’s patients, a philosophy which he continues to cherish. » Read more

Your passion for what you do shone through which gave me confidence in your ability and reassured me that you really did care about me as a patient.
We always receive excellent customer service from the practice, whether that be over the phone or when visiting the practice; you are always greeted with a friendly smile which creates a friendly and calming atmosphere.
S H, Southampton

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes we do!

The practice has its own payment plan for the basic Maintenance of the health of your mouth.

We can also provide care under Denplan or many of the schemes provided by employers.

Payment plan information

To register as a new patient, just get in touch with us and we will send you a new patient pack containing packed full of information about our practice.

You may download our new patient questionnaire which will provide us with all the information we need from you.

Our practice has undertaken an audit under the Disability Discrimination Act  (DDA). Due to the practice being on the first floor, in a listed building which cannot accommodate a stair lift, we are unable to see people in the practice who are unable to manage the stairs. Every step of our stairs has a contrast strip edging. These are particularly helpful for those of our patients who have poor eyesight.

However, Clive Marks is able to provide a limited range of services by calling at patient’s home. If this service may be of help to you, please do discuss it with either the reception staff or Clive Marks.

No – we are a fully private practice.

Yes we do!

Getting your child accustomed to dental visits as early as possible is of great benefit to all concerned. Bringing them along with you, even as babes in arms, during you Re-Examination appointments introduces them to the sights, sounds and smells of dentistry in a non-threatening manner. They also pick up on their siblings/parents having “a ride in the special chair”. Pressing the buttons to make the chair move is always a fascination for little fingers, and this is encouraged under supervision.

After a few visits, your child will normally be happy to show us their teeth “to count how many there are”. By this method we are able to have a good look at them with your child’s cooperation.


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Patient care

Patients are encouraged to express their individual views about their problems in order to help customise treatment to help ensure greater satisfaction with the outcome.

Considerable time is often necessary to get the full history, the relevant clinical details and special tests. At this stage it is sensible to consider the range of reasonable options and to come to a mutually agreed understanding of how to proceed.



sl6As much as Clive would love to be able to meet all your dental needs, he acknowledges that he does not have the knowledge or skills to cover every aspect of dentistry to its highest level.

When a patient has dental needs which are outside Clive’s knowledge and skills, Clive has a trusted selection of specialist colleagues to whom he can refer that patient. By doing so he can ensure that his patients get the best treatment to suit their particular needs. The main needs for referral are in the specializations of oral surgery, advanced gum disease and orthodontics.

All the specialists used by Clive appear on the General Dental Council’s register of specialists for their particular field. This registration is only possible after the candidate has acquired post-graduate qualifications in that field and has a proven track record of successful work in that field.

Clive wishes to reassure you about the good standing of these specialists by the following fact: if he found himself in need of specialist dental services the specialist he would wish to see is the one to whom he refers his patients.

dcmpDental Care Maintenance Plan – from £8/month

Our dental maintenance plan is tailored to each of our patient’s individual needs and include both dental examinations and hygienist checkups.

With sustained effort, the health of your mouth can improve and you will be able to move between the different levels of our Care Plan: the healthier you keep your mouth the less you will need to pay us.

The charges for most other schemes are based on how much work you have needed in the past regardless of how well you are looking after it now. Our Dental Care Plan works by rewarding your good efforts in caring for your mouth.

Find out more about our Dental Payment Plan

Intra Oral Camera

Our camera is about the size of a pen and produces extremely helpful pictures of the inside of your mouth. These can really help show you both the gloriously healthy areas of your mouth as well as areas where we can help to improve them for you. The pictures also help to form a comprehensive record of the developing health of your mouth.