Teeth can gradually darken as you grow older. They can also be made darker by bacterial deposits, food and drink, and habits such as smoking. Bleaching chemically lightens teeth, so that they look lighter and usually more attractive.

Bleaching is used to:

  • Improve teeth if they have become discoloured with age;
  • Remove stains caused by food and drinks such as tea,coffee,red wine and curry, as well as smoking;
  • Remove stains under the surface of your teeth caused by certain antibiotics or stains caused by tiny cracks within the teeth.


Voco Perfect Bleach system

vocoThe system that we use, Voco “Perfect Bleach”, gives you complete control over the rate and the extent to which you lighten your teeth.  The system comprises of discrete, custom-made trays which closely fit over your teeth into which you apply a small amount of the lightening material.

You then wear this for up to two hours per day and most results are achieved in about six weeks.

For some types of colour, such as tetracycline staining, the process can take considerably longer.

If you were to use the trays more frequently then rate of changing colour would increase but you could also induce sensitivity in the teeth but this sensitivity is easily remedied.

There are four ways in which this can be done:

There is a lot of research to show that the toothpastes will not lighten the colour of teeth but they can help to reduce surface staining, i.e. dietary staining.
The over-the-counter kits may contain the right chemicals but their means of holding on the teeth can leave much to be desired. The results are therefore both poor and unpredictable. Similar kits are also available through the internet but some of these have potentially harmful chemicals in them.
This technique will achieve dramatic results in under an hour. The next morning it is possible to wake up with one’s teeth being extremely sensitive and there is no controlling this outcome. The colour is also highly unstable and so technique 4 needs to be used to stabilise the colour. It is a concern that anyone undertaking this treatment is required to sign a 4-6 page disclaimer before treatment.

This technique provides reliable results. The rate and extent of colour change will be controlled by you dependent on the amount that you use it. Normally one would use it for les than 2 hours per day and achieve good results in about 4-6 weeks.

It is important to be aware that only natural tooth will be lightened and so any existing restorations will stay the same colour. These may need to be replaced if the new shade of your teeth makes these crowns, veneers and fillings look unsightly.