It can be a surprise to learn that one’s headaches, neck aches and shoulder pains can be caused by problems in the mouth.

This can happen when the teeth and jaw muscles do not work in harmony.

Other symptoms of this lack of harmony (malocclusion) can include:

– Clicking or popping of the jaw joint(s)
– The jaw joint feeling as if it gets locked
– Grinding the teeth, especially at night
– A feeling of tiredness when waking up
– Wear facets on the teeth
– Cracking teeth
– Loosening teeth
– Resorption of the roots (only visible by radiographs)
– Recession of the gums.

It is important to emphasise that each of these symptoms can have a variety of causes and great care needs to be taken in establishing a diagnosis. Most people adapt to their symptoms and become accustomed to them, thereby never noticing that there biting pattern (occlusion) may be harming them.

Clive Marks trained over a three-year period in this field of dentistry and is one of less than 300 dentists to have completed the course with the International Partnership for the Study of Occlusion.