The health of your gums is as important as the health of your teeth because it is your gums, and the underlying bone, which supports your teeth. 

hygHelping you to know how to care for your gums is one of the most important aspects of the dental team’s work. In return, we expect our patients to take heed of the advice they are given.

One of our greatest joys is seeing the health of our patients’ mouths improve as a direct result of their own improved care.

With the help of our intra-oral camera, we are then able to show them this improvement which normally helps to encourage them to do even better before we see them next time. A delightful win-win situation for all concerned.

As a wise tutor of mine used to say, “Be true to your gums and your teeth will never be false”.

Our hygienist, Sarah Perryman, is extremely gentle! She works in Clive’s old room and is normally with us one day per week. Sarah has a wealth of experience in encouraging people to look after their mouths through an array of “tricks of the trade”.

Caring for your own mouth

It may seem strange but we do get asked, “Why do I need to clean our teeth?”
The answer is simple, “To remove the food and bacteria that build up around your teeth and gums.”
To give you an idea about how many bacteria there are in a healthy mouth, every time you lick your lips (you’ve probably just done that) you will be depositing about 6,000,000 bacteria on your lips. Do not be alarmed.

sl6Most of the 12,500+ species of bacteria in our mouths are harmless while many of them are beneficial, by helping to digest the foods which we eat. Only a few types of bacteria risk causing us harm and controlling these bacteria is the health reason why we clean our teeth.

The balance between these different types of bacteria will change according to the conditions we allow to occur, with the more harmful ones colonising the deeper recesses of the spaces between the teeth and under the gum margins. These bacteria can cause:

  •  Tooth decay;
  • Gum disease;
  • Bad breath;
  • Loss of bony support for the teeth.

Cleaning the bacteria from these crevices is the key to a healthy mouth.

We will be very happy to discuss any concerns you may have about the health of your mouth and how you can best care for it.