Fees Per Time Costs

The fairest fee structure is for you to pay for the amount of time that is needed for you. Sometimes work can take a different time to that which we had estimated and so if we have needed less time then we will charge you less money.

We are well aware that most dental practices will charge you for each item of treatment but we have well-founded reasons for doubting the fairness of this system. The only element that we need to add is any laboratory costs connected with your treatment.


How our costs compare to other local practices

The following table shows how some of the prices in this practice compare to other local practices, based on their published information.

Clive Marks Practice A Practice B
Initial Examination £77 £85 £86
X-Ray Picture – each Included Included £15.60
Hygienist £54 £90 – £125 £58
Fissure Sealant Included not specified £38 per tooth
Crown £450 – £550 From £470 From £640
Tooth Whitening £230 approx £325 £340
Hourly rate £228 £230 not specified


Most practices charge a fee-per-item in the same way that the N.H.S. dental service used to be structured. Many services, whether it is a cleaning lady or a solicitor, charge for their time as this is then fair to both parties and that is how our fees are calculated so that you pay for the professional time needed.